Wild Woman Awakening Retreats

Wild Women’s Retreats

2016 – Dates in Sedona and Kauai TBA

Now is the time for the Blossoming of the Sacred Feminine


Using Embodied Enlightenment practices to awaken your wild and powerful Shakti and ignite the fullness of your radiant resonant heart. Daily we will practice Yoga, dance, rituals and ceremonies, breath work and creativity to unlock the chambers of your heart and set your spirit free.


Take this opportunity to step outside the demands of everyday life and tap into your wild creative potential.


You are invited to embark on this life transforming Ultimate Journey- a return to LOVE. Be in motion with your essence and dance into the new paradigm.


– Release what no longer serves you
– Express your needs and have them met, embody your worthiness
– See yourself as a Goddess and see all women as the embodiment of the Goddess
– Heal the wounding between the sisterhoods
– Feel nurtured and empowered to embrace all of your authentic self, wild, soft, free and vulnerable
– Learn how to harness the potent power of your Divine Shakti pleasurable sexual essence
– Joyfully connect to your body in Shamanic dance ceremonies


Dates and further details for retreats in Sedona and Kauai to be announced – watch this space!


info and reservation:

daniela: + 33 (0) 6 63 92 61 87 (France)
malaika: +62 81237229493 (Bali)


Daniela Schmid

yogini, mother, activist, yoga studio founder


Daniela is an experienced Vinyasa Yoga teacher and humble yoga student. She has studied with numerous known and unknown teachers following them around the world and welcoming them in her studio in Paris, France. She teaches Prana Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga as well as Hormone Yoga Therapy. She is an Esalen Massage and Myofascial Release Therapist.


Daniela weaves yoga philosophy and massage techniques into her teachings. Her classes integrate dynamic vinyasa flow, alignement, meditation, visualization, intention and prayer to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. Taking yoga off the mat Daniela organises yoga workshops and events to raise awareness and money for different global as well as grassroot charities. Daniela donates her time and her proceeds of this retreat to www.tdhcore.org. Daniela is based in Paris, France, where she has founded ‘Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche’ (www.rasa-yogarivegauche.com) and Frankfurt, Germany where she lives with her beloved husband and 5 year old son. She teaches in her 2 hometowns and leads workshops and retreats worldwide.


Malaika Darville

earth goddess, shamanic tantrika, ISHTA yoga teacher, water dance facilitator, founder of 5Elements Dance Activation™


Malaika Cheze Darville Malaika is an Earth Goddess Shamanic Tantrika. Malaika brings an abundance of Earth wisdom having lived an extraordinary life amongst some of the Earths Indigenous cultures. Using dance, yoga, breath work and ceremony as her tools for activation. Having lived a lifetime committed to her spiritual path, she has been a student, teacher, and performer, of African rhythm, ritual and dance for the past 18 years.


She is also a trained Hawaiian massage practitioner and healer and uses the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’Oponopono a system of radical self acceptance, radical forgiveness and love, to create balance in her own life. She is a ISHTA Yoga teacher, Water Dance facilitator and founder of 5Elements Dance Activation™.


Malaika has been sharing her deep love of community, Earth connection and healing, facilitating workshops internationally awakening people through the power of dance .


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