Sacred Shiva Shakti Cacao Ceremonies


An Indigenous myth recalls that when the Earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao or raw chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. We are now living in those times.


Cacao, literally translates as the  ‘elixir of the Gods’ from the Ancient peoples of South America. It is a powerful medicine plant for expanding consciousness with out the hallucinogenic properties of other powerful plant medicines from the jungle.


The ceremony is an experience in multi dimensional group energy and is ritualistically sipped in conjunction with other heart expanding processes.


Cacao can be used to enhance all other ceremonies and I have combined it with 5Elements Dance Activation™, Shiva Shakti Journey to the Heart Activation and with the Ultimate Journey for Women to enhance the experience of the work.


The ceremony, gifted from Spirit as a tool to heal separation and move into Oneness Consciousness, using mediation, dance, breath work, soft intimacy and the power of intention while working with one of the planet’s most powerful medicinal plants – Sacred CACAO.



cacao-image-2Cacao in its raw and natural state contains over 300 compounds and bliss chemicals anadamide and phenylethylamine and Theobromide chemicals naturally released when we fall in love and why we still give chocolates to loved ones on special occasions although 90% of processed chocolate is full of processed white sugar and carries little or none of the healthy properties found in raw cacao.


Next 5Elements dance Activation™ February 5th Blue Lotus Studio Byron Bay


Shiva Shakti Cacao Ceremonies


Heart Space, Byron Bay, Australia – Feb 27th:


Sydney, Australia, March 10th:


If you would like to host Malaika for a ceremony contact Malaika minimum 15 persons. Please e-mail


Recommended fasting or eating lightly for best results.


Shiva-Shakti dancingImages-CacaoCeremonyPouringChoccc wild and free dance BSF


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