In My Elements

Mission Statement

It is my highest goal to be of service to the awakening of humanity to remember who and what we are and to be a true steward of the Earth so that we, as a collective, reawaken to our Divinity and restore this unique and beautiful Planet to the Garden of Eden She has always been. To create a sustainable culture based on love and respect for all sentient beings is my highest goal.

“Your every thought, feeling, perception, spoken word, and performed action reverberates into the universe….” ~ Swami Muktananda

My tools of activation are ancient Earth wisdom ceremonies, dance, connection and music bringing community together and education that is based on the wisdom of those that knew how to live in harmony with the earth, and ocean in their human bodies in community.


Whether it is for a personal healing, Sacred Shiva Shakti cacao ceremony to heal the wounding of the Masculine and Feminine, the blessing of a new baby, the opening of a gala event or an initiation ceremony to acknowledge the coming of age of a teenage girl or boy, I have ceremonies based on ancient wisdom adapted to address contemporary times to bring people into a more open heart and therefore connected space.


I am now offering Teachers Trainings in both 5Elements Dance Activation™ and Lomi Lomi Temple Body Work so that this wisdom is kept alive and continues to evolve as we continue to wake up. It is my highest goal to teach all those who come to me to be the best possible facilitator of these practices that they can be and to encourage them to continue to develop and bring forth their gifts into their work.

Meplaying SCBali

So it is my mission to share my light in all I do, say and create, to inspire all to do the same. To be the best I can and to plant seeds of love, joy, connection and freedom in the hearts of all beings I meet and to plant fruit trees where ever I go to feed the Earth and Her children. Its simple, Love really is simple.


When we reconnect to the Earth and the Elements we feel nurtured and find harmony in our bodies. When we honour our ancestry forgiveness happens and we begin to love and honour ourselves. When we dance with our vulnerability truth happens and we start to live in the present moment, the only place to truly BE FREE.


In love we flow

In love we grow

In love we are


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