Beginners Guide Meditation Free Ebook

Beginners Guide Meditation Free Ebook

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About the Author:

Malaika Cheze Darville Malaika is an Earth Goddess Shamanic Tantrika. Malaika brings an abundance of Earth wisdom having lived an extraordinary life amongst some of the Earths Indigenous cultures. Using dance, yoga, breath work and ceremony as her tools for activation. Having lived a lifetime committed to her spiritual path, she has been a student, teacher, and performer, of African rhythm, ritual and dance for the past 18 years.
She is also a trained Hawaiian massage practitioner and healer and uses the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’Oponopono a system of radical self acceptance, radical forgiveness and love, to create balance in her own life. She is a ISHTA Yoga teacher, Water Dance facilitator and founder of 5Elements Dance Activation™.
Malaika has been sharing her deep love of community, Earth connection and healing, facilitating workshops internationally awakening people through the power of dance .

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Malaika Darville

Malaika MaVeena, a true Earth Goddess Shamanic Priestess. Living her talk and walking her walk with dance in every step. Having lived on deserted islands in the Philippines, and in an African Village and worked with the Indigenous people of Australia, Malaika University has been life and her life is a colorful tapestry from all the amazing experiences she has experienced this time around. Full of love and wisdom it is a pleasure to be in her presence and share in her natural exuberance.

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