5Elements Dance Activation™ Facilitator’s Training – Bali May30th-June11th 2016

May 30-June 11th 2016



 On the mystical Island of Bali over looking the ocean

A Shamanic Journey of Embodiment


Awaken your Spirit with A New Paradigm Training Based on ancient wisdom

For courageous contemporary leaders




$2200.00 USD early bird if paid before March 1st 2016

$2500.00 USD If paid after March 1st 2016





Booking & Payment

During this 80hr intensive you will:

  • Go through your own transformation to birth yourself as a confident 5Elements Dance Activator™ using a tried and tested method to lead people into the 5Elements Dance journey. Includes a manual.

  • Discover how to use this incredible ancient map of wisdom to birth your unique body of work and set you on your path sharing what you love.

  • Learn tools to hold and create Sacred Space, which can be applied to all ceremonies and in all areas of your life.

  • Learn how to make a set list that takes people deep into the elements (please bring your lap top or other devices for your music data)

  • Learn the language to take people deep inside themselves in the dance zone

  • Have a direct experience of the power of breath, the power of authentic movement connected to breath, the power of shaking to unblock repressed energy, and the beauty and power of contact dance to open the heart and connect on a deep level.

  • Learn how to open and close a circle honoring the seen and unseen beings that work with you and through you.

  • Be nurtured and supported given the opportunity to facilitate as you learn the process and receive vital feed back to empower you to BE your best.

  • Be part of a growing global community committed to dance and movement as a way to connect to yourself, each other, your community and the Earth.

  • Explore ways to navigate a workshop with different groups to gently help them enter the process.

  • Learn how to handle catharsis and emotional release should it happen on the dance floor.

  • You will make friendships for life with infinite possibilities for collaboration and support as we continue to grow our community,

  • Say YES to your own transformation and becoming a powerful authentic and empowered leader, whether you want to work with women exclusively, kids, people with mix abilities, in the Tantra scene, at festivals or in foreign countries, this training will give you the tools and inspiration to help you to achieve your goals with so much grace, ease confidence and abundance!

I look forward to being your midwife!

Example Daily Schedule:

(Please note due to the nature of this work the program will be flexible)


Sunrise Shamanic Dreaming Passes

Dance of the 4 Directions,

Prana Yama,

Clear intention setting for each day (This is all done outside in the elements)

One hour Elemental Yoga practice in Shalla.

8:30 – 9:30am

Break Fast and morning ablutions

10:00 – 12:00

Entering the dance zone how to create Sacred Space, learning the 4 Directions of the medicine wheel, how and why to smudge. Practice time for smudging and learning how to recognize the general energy of the group. Dance and breathe. Exploring the power of our breath to reach expanded states of awareness.

1:00 – 2:30

Lunch free time for swimming, writing, integration and preparation

2:30 – 4:30

Theory and practical; The studies of 5 Elements from the scientific back ground, from the ancient back ground of Ayurveda- healing system from India based on the 5 Elements, Guest speakers, 5 Elements and Tantra-5 Elements as a foundation for life. Each day we will enter into embodiment processes where we will explore, play with and understand the forces behind and within each element and then look at ways to bring greater peace and balance into our bodies, lives, relationships and communities.

Each day we will go deeper into the pre and post and during prayers to the seen and unseen realms. Find out who your team of Spirit helpers are and learn how to work with them and trust their guidance.

4:30 – 6:00

Body Mind Centering processes; becoming aware and sensitive to your bodily needs – Facing and embracing your own shadow and fears and turning them into your tools of empowerment.

Each day we will do different practices to deepen our own self-awareness and support our self-confidence to stand up as a leader in both our lives and the dance modality.  Close with Group sharing, checking in, reviewing and reflecting, debriefing.

In depth dance embodiment practices with each element and practical facilitation skills.

Each participant will go through their own personal initiation and birth a body of work as unique as you are while incorporating the Elemental Embodiment™ process to receive certification and valuable feedback from your fellow colleagues.

6:00 – 7:30

Dinner free time for journaling and prepping set lists for evening classes.

8:00 – 9:30

Evening Prac Teaching after day 5 we will begin practices journeys

Guest teachers will be coming in to facilitate different sections of the course such as:

DJing skills – How to use a DJ program and create set lists, find and download music.

Business and Marketing: How to create a successful business doing what you love; How to build your clientele and get started.

Self Care: Massage and body work with guest teacher. Looking after your sacred temple so you can teach by example.

Highest quality Guest Teachers to be announced


Book Now and Save!


$2200.00 USD EARLY BIRD if paid before March 1st $2500.00 USD If paid after March 1st 2016

Payment plan available

 $625 x 4 installments to be paid in full by 1st of April 2016

All fees must be paid in full before the commencement of the course

All PayPal fees are participants’ responsibility.

Only 5 Non residential available

No early bird rate for Non-residential

What is Included

  • 80 hours of tuition and certificate upon completion.

  • Twin share accommodation in  beautiful eco retreat right on the ocean 

  • Single rooms available upon request and availability.

  • Complete with a beautiful wooden yoga shalla for dance, surrounded by green nature and coconut palms, & a comfortable ocean breeze eating area.

  • All vegetarian meals of the highest quality. Please specify if you are vegan or have other specialty dietary needs. We will cater for your diet to the best of our ability.

  • Receive a Balinese blessing and understanding of the Balinese offerings

  • Set lists to get you started. (Students must attend all sessions and complete 20 hours, 10 x 2-hour sessions, of private teaching to be included on the Global site of 5Elements Dance Activators™)


  • PayPal fees – participants responsibility

  • Accommodation prior or after training

  • Taxi to and from Airport but can be organized for approximately $35 USD each way.

  • Extra coconuts or drinks and tips


Register for 5Elements Dance Activation™ Teacher Training – Bali

$2200.00 USD early bird if paid before March 1st 2016

$2500.00 USD after March 1st 2016

Please send an email to malaika@inmyelements.com describing the following:

What is your previous movement background if any?

What attracted you to this training and what would you like to get out of it?

What are your dreams and visions for your perfect life including this work?

We will reply to you with confirmation of your place and payment details.

Space is limited for quality training.

Book now to reserve your spot.

Booking & Payment

5Elements Dance Teacher Training (Bali)

February 23, 2015
3:00 pm
5Elements Dance Teacher Training (Bali)
Early Bird ($2,200.00)
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